This page captures plans and ideas for improving Metagraph. These items are not in any particular order, and some items on this list may not happen. Feel free to open issues in the issue tracker if you are interested in discussing the details of one of these ideas.

Project Structure

  • Split packaging of metagraph into a minimal core package with abstract types and algorithms, and put the basic plugins into separate packages. The metagraph package then becomes a metapackage that installs core and a generally useful set of default plugins.

  • The multi-dispatch and automatic translation system in Metagraph is not graph-specific and could be split out into a separate package.

General Features

  • Lazy execution of algorithms by returning a Dask task graph from algorithm calls.

  • Global preference setting plugin priority. This would be used to more easily switch a workflow from one backend to another without having to modify the calculation itself.

  • Allow an abstract algorithm to have a default implementation that only calls other abstract algorithms via the current Resolver.

Type System and Dispatcher

  • Nested namespace of properties and validators, that allow common subgroups to be used in multiple types.

  • Change unambigous_subcomponents to allowed_translations
    • Include which property values can translate to another values

    • Clarify what self-translators need to do

  • Allow concrete algorithms to specialize on more than the abstract type signature, such as literal values of non-translatable (i.e. “Python”) types.